Meet these 2 couples who got married in the mountains

We all know weddings are as unique as the couples but these 2 took into another level.

Ashley Schmieder and her husband James trekked for 21 days, to make this wedding happen in EBC and come back.

The photographer Charleton Churchill, said :

I had tried a similar base camp wedding with another [couple] in 2015,", "but that’s when the massive earthquake turned all of us back.Then, last year, I was contacted by Ashley on Instagram. she wanted an adventure wedding, but wasn’t sure of any location, to which I suggested Everest base camp instead.

"Both James and Ashley made amazing trek buddies,”"We were a good team. Ashley had been hiking before so she maintained a great pace. James is a comedian who made us laugh often. He would constantly make all of us laugh and I think that made a whole lot of difference to the entire trip.

Now if you think , this is not something that could ever happen in india : Meet Saumya and Saransh

The story starts when Saumya & her friends decided to do the Prashar Lake trek. Look at the coincidence here , one of her friends backed out at the last minute and that’s how Saransh joined the group as a replacement.

While Prashar Lake trek was comparatively easy, the rains that day made it slightly challenging. So when the trek ended, everyone was tired and went to bed, but these two stayed up. They walked around the lake, talked about each others interests and got to know each other a bit more than the others in the group.

After coming back to Delhi, they kept in touch and made more trek plans to Sar Paas, Hampta Paas, Roopkund, Kheer-Ganga, Kareri Lake and Goechala.

About 3 years later, they decided to get married at the last point of the Prashar lake trek where they first met.The guest list had just 15 people.

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Village Srilanka,

Old Manali, Manali,

Himachal Pradesh, India

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