Can I camp anywhere in india ?

Sweden, Mongolia, Turkey, Estonia , Iceland, Kyrgyzstan , Norway, Scotland , Finland . Did you know you could camp anywhere in these countries for free ? Thats when you would think : Can I camp anywhere in india ?

In india, we still have a long way to go until we have dedicated and safe campsites easily accessible to the public. That doesn't mean there isn't an option. With little precaution, we all can go out and have a great time.

It is not about the destination, it's about the journey

If you agree with this statement, the following article will make a lot of sense to you. We will look into 2 ways you can do camping : Camping during a road trip and camping in the outdoors.

Consider these if you are camping during a road-trip :

  1. Its always best if you camp before sun goes down. You should stop riding before 5pm. This way you can explore the area and relax a bit.
  2. If you feel that you are going to spend a night in a very remote place, inform the local police station
  3. .Avoid carrying too much cash or anything valuable with you ( laptop , expensive camera ), if you are sure about you want to spent several nights out there camping . This will buy you some relief that there is nothing much to loose , while you fall asleep.
  4. Use a lot of common sense .Like in any other part of the world, its safer to stay near civilisation than to be out there , all alone.
  5. You are not allowed to stay in reserved forest, biosphere parks, national parks, sanctuaries and all areas which has any relation to wildlife. You should be aware about these for your own safety.
  6. Most people in rural areas you meet would only be curious about your reasons behind camping like this, when you might as well spend night at a cheap hotel. 90% of them wish you only good.
  7. If you are in a place where you cannot find any safe place to camp at all , look for municipality hospitals , PWD guesthouse parkings, Temple , church or mosque grounds. All these can be a safe place to pitch your tent after seeing permission from the gatekeeper.

Some handy things to carry : Whistle , a fully charged power bank for emergency ( which always stays charged ) , A couple of lighters , Your vehicle repair kit of course , A powerful torch light and wet wipes.

Consider these if you are camping in the outdoors :

  1. Do not go alone unless you are confident about your outdoor skills and have done fair bit of hiking in the outdoors in groups.
  2. Find a place to camp with water source before 6 pm. You shouldn’t be trekking past that time in the hills. It will get dark fast out there , if you are in a valley.
  3. If you are choosing a hike which are already famous , there will be camping spots where you can camp and even meet other hikers.
  4. Ask someone who has done the same trail before so that you know what you are getting into.
  5. Consider the weather before you decide your hike. This is important .
  6. Have the offline maps of the area downloaded in your device . You most probably won’t have network.
  7. Carry your favourite portable food. You will thank me for this later.
  8. Always inform the local authorities about your plan and your return date. Inform this to couple of your friends also. In any case , if you didn’t find the way back, they would hopefully come look for you.

Some handy things to carry : Whistle , a fully charged power bank for emergency ( which always stays charged ) , A couple of lighters , compass, A powerful torch light and wet wipes.

Common doubts :

How toilets work ?

When you are doing road trips its better to use the public washrooms or the washrooms of the restaurants you eat food or take chai break at.While camping , you do it like a cat . The world is yours. Just dont litter near any water source.

What is Glamping ?

Glamping AKA glamour camping is usually a luxury setup which lets you get the feel of camping but is catered to you by people who know such exotic locations. You are looking at great lighting , food , Intricate design and Things that usually will make you go WOAH.

Have you really reached a Faraway land if you haven’t missed the food that your mom prepares.


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