Hello folks,

One in the orange jacket started because we believe there is so more to group trips than ticking places off the list. We work closely with local communities and thus make sure most of the money spend by our trippers reaches a village household rather than agents sitting in cities.

We have fun too while doing all this :)

All of our trips/treks are themed around that single fact: to learn more about the local lifestyle and natural landscapes : Mountains, rivers and valleys.

Our trips are for you ,

If you prefer places without network over places with 4g network during your trip

If you prefer sitting beachfront to see sunset , even if it means we might get our dinner 30 minutes late

If you don't mind going out for a walk at midnight to see the stars in freezing temperatures

If you are genuinely happy about motivating that one trekker at the back of the group who feels exhausted

If you are concerned to see plastic waste in the mountains, or anywhere else other than dust bin.

If you are excited about teaching 1st-7th graders in the small village schools

If you are ok with trying local cuisines over standard western food

If you are excited to meet new people and believe there is a chance that life long bonds can come out of such trips.

My entrepreneurial journey 

2015 : Wrote this on the last page of a todo list book : Built 2 companies : One in adventure travel & One in technology before 32. 

2016 : Joined Indiahikes as a trek leader 

Nov 2016 : Quit Indiahikes after 25 trek batches and leading over 450+ trekkers 

Jan 2017-March 2017 : Lead trips/trips for another travel company 

April 2017 : Started Deloz with 100K USD seed fund. 

July 2017 : Raised 1 million USD 

Dec 2017 : Team size reached 23 May 2018 : Company collapses 

May 2018 : Birth of One in the orange jacket 

May 2019 : International trips starts with Kazakhstan and Russia 

Dec 2019 : First hire: Judson joins to manage the backend 

Dec 2020 : 18 trips and 270 trippers have travelled/ trekked with the brand 

March 2020: Covid-19 hits. Travel stops. 

May 2020 : Growfoo starts 

Oct 2020 : Travel restarts


Village Srilanka,

Old Manali, Manali,

Himachal Pradesh, India

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We understand new covid-19 variants are your concern. But trust us we take safety very seriously & we won't lead trips that we feel are unsafe.