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Upcoming high altitude treks & Adventure trips

Tarsar marsar trek

Date : Oct 17-24, Kashmir

This easy moderate trek will take you through amazing high altitude lakes of kashmir.

Gaumukh Tapovan trek

Date : Oct 31-Nov 9, Uttarakhand

This difficult trek will take you through origin of river ganga, mighty trisul peak and Mt.Bhagirathi,

Chandrashila trek

Date : To be announced, Uttarakhand

This easy trek will take you through Deoriatal , one of the most beautiful high altitude lakes . We then hike to the summit of chandrashila after a day in the jungle.

Meghalaya Backpacking

To be announced

This is one of my best trips if you are into adventure. We do a professional caving trip, a day for river canyoning and 3 day hikes.

Annapurna base camp

To be announced

One of the most beautiful treks in the world. Lucky are we indians to have nepal so nearby .


To be announced

My favourite destination in central asia. This trip has high altitude lakes, deserts and even skying included.

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I am curious
What are trips like ?

Usually, most batch sizes are between 12-20 people who are aged between 16-38. Most people come alone or with a friend. The trip would feel like you are travelling more with college friends than strangers. We tend to do more outdoorsy things than regular trips . For example : If we find a very pretty waterfall/ a beautiful sunset / Rainbow on the way. We would stop the vehicle right away to catch the beauty of it.

We usually sleep very late on these trips as we play a lot of group games and most people feel they will miss the precious time with the group members and decides to stay awake.

I am coming solo. is that a problem ? 

Most people come alone for my trips. About 25% of the people bring a friend or partner.

Honestly It really doesnt matter. I have seen on all the bacthes I have lead. Most people really gel with everyone, even the ones who thought would'nt gel up, surprise themselves always with the way they got comfortable with everyone.

I havent heard about this company before, where can i read more ?

Here are few places you can read more about the brand and trips


About me

Facebook page

Instagram page

What's with the name ?

Back in 2017, i had one good jacket which i used to wear on all treks up in the mountains. One batch gave me this name coz they found my name a bit difficult to follow. It then stuck from there and when i finally decided to start leading my own trips/treks, there was no second thought.

How do I pay ? 

You can pay through online transfer , UPI or bank transfer.

Do you have a cancellation policy ?
  1. Before 45 days of trip, there will be 10% cancellation charge.
  2. Before 30 days and within 44 days of arrival, there will be 25% cancellation charge.
  3. Before 15 days and within 29 days of arrival,there will be 50% cancellation charge.
  4. Within 14 days of trip there will be 100% cancellation charges.

All this been said if you or me can find a replacement for the slot. I will be happy to refund the entire amount. :)

Trek queries
What are the camps like while trekking ?

We use quechua 3 man tents with insulation mats and sleeping bags in it. There will be 3 people in each tent. There will be a Dining tent and Minimum 2 toilet tents. The toilets are always dry toilets. So bring a roll of tissue paper.

Each camps are about 6 hours trek apart and we usually start at 8 am.

How will i decide if a trek is for me ? 

If you have never done a high altitude trek, then start with a easy or Easy- moderate trek. That way you will understand how your body reacts to high altitude and you can check you cardio strength too.

Another benchmark i usually ask people to try for themselves is as follows. If you can run

  1. 3 km in 30 minutes , you can start with a easy high altitute trek
  2. 4 km in 30 minutes , you can start with a easy-moderate high altitute trek
  3. 5 km in 30 minutes , you can start with a easy Moderate trek

The reason such a standard is kept in place is that everyone in the group will be able to trek in similar pace. Else the lease prepared ones might fall behind and thats not a great thing.


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