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Upcoming high altitude treks & Adventure trips

Everest base camp

Date : Nov 5- 24

Welcome to the basecamp of the world's tallest mountain. This 18 day trek is not for the faint hearted. If you don't want to do Gokyo ri, You can choose to do the Standard 14 day EBC trek also.

Meghalaya trip with caving

Date : Nov 20-28

Hands down one of the best trips you will find out there to explore Meghalaya in its truest form.

Nagaland hornbill festival

Date : Dec 4-11

The festival of festival gets a thumbs up to go this year. If you ask me few of my best trips in the country, this one would come in the first 2 , anyday. Period

New year's in Russia

Date : Dec 25-Jan 2nd

Snow white background, Beautiful Kremlins, amazing parties , a visit to a Imperial Russian town, a train journey and a bunch of new friends. Find that interesting ? Hop on

New year's in Kashmir

Date : Dec 25-Jan 2nd

Jaw dropping landscapes, Cozy bedrooms , a perfect intro to kashmiri culture and lifestyle in winters . If that's something you would like to do this new year's , Take a look at the itinerary

Chandrashila winter trek

Date : Jan 15-22

If you have never trekked before ,this one is a killer trek. You get to do a summit trek, try out crampons and gaitors . All the places you stay will have views that will leave you in awe.

Northern lights in russia

Date : Feb 12-Feb 20

Northern lights, Russian Banya bath, husky farms, -20 degree nights , visiting a village straight out of Disney movie and clubbing in techno bars till 4am. If that sounds like a good 8 days. Hop on :)

You can also book a private trip with your friend or partner to following locations


Scuba in Andamans

Magnificent Meghalaya


How safe is it , in regards to COVID-19 ?

Here is our 8 point checklist that we follow on all our trips :

  1. Our trippers will be asked to get -ve RTpcr certificate before they arrive.
  2. You will staying at a hotel where we are the only guests. its more like a guesthouse.
  3. Your tempo traveller will be sanitised before it reaches you.
  4. Your driver is also tested -ve RTpcr before our trip starts.
  5. We ask our trippers to keep themselves away from any crowded space 2 weeks before the trip.We ask our trippers to be careful of the restaurants and hotels that they might go before and after your trek
  6. .Anyone showing symptoms of COVID-19 (cough, cold, shortness of breath or fever ) are being asked to reschedule their trips/ treks.
  7. On treks, we are providing hygiene sleeping bags to everyone. You will be using this throughout the trek and only return on the last day
  8. Your trip leader has undergone WHO certification for measures to be taken against Covid-19.

Frequently asked questions

  • I am curious
  • Payment
  • Trek queries
I am curious
What are trips like ?

Usually, most batch sizes are between 12-20 people who are aged between 16-38. Most people come alone or with a friend. The trip would feel like you are travelling more with college friends than strangers. We tend to do more outdoorsy things than regular trips . For example : If we find a very pretty waterfall/ a beautiful sunset / Rainbow on the way. We would stop the vehicle right away to catch the beauty of it.

We usually sleep very late on these trips as we play a lot of group games and most people feel they will miss the precious time with the group members and decides to stay awake.

I am coming solo. is that a problem ? 

Most people come alone for my trips. About 25% of the people bring a friend or partner.

Honestly It really doesnt matter. I have seen on all the bacthes I have lead. Most people really gel with everyone, even the ones who thought would'nt gel up, surprise themselves always with the way they got comfortable with everyone.

I havent heard about this company before, where can i read more ?

Here are few places you can read more about the brand and trips


About me

Facebook page

Instagram page

What's with the name ?

Back in 2017, i had one good jacket which i used to wear on all treks up in the mountains. One batch gave me this name coz they found my name a bit difficult to follow. It then stuck from there and when i finally decided to start leading my own trips/treks, there was no second thought.

How do I pay ? 

You can pay through online transfer , UPI or bank transfer.

Do you have a cancellation policy ?

We understand this is important for you in these uncertain times.

In case you could not travel due to Covid restriction in your state or you test covid +ve in your Rtpcr test. You will be able to utilise the entire amount you paid for another trip of your choice. Incase you choose to get a refund as soon as possible, there will be a deduction of Rs.500 and you get get instant refund to your UPI ID within 15 minutes of cancellation .

Incase the cancellation is due other reasons, normal cancellation policies apply

Before 45 days of trip, there will be 10% cancellation charge.

Before 30 days and within 44 days of arrival, there will be 25% cancellation charge.

Before 15 days and within 29 days of arrival, there will be 50% cancellation charge.

Within 14 days of trip there will be 100% cancellation charges.

All this been said if you or me can find a replacement for the slot. I will be happy to refund the entire amount. :)

Trek queries
What are the camps like while trekking ?

We use quechua 3 man tents with insulation mats and sleeping bags in it. There will be 3 people in each tent. There will be a Dining tent and Minimum 2 toilet tents. The toilets are always dry toilets. So bring a roll of tissue paper.

Each camps are about 6 hours trek apart and we usually start at 8 am.

How will i decide if a trek is for me ? 

If you have never done a high altitude trek, then start with a easy or Easy- moderate trek. That way you will understand how your body reacts to high altitude and you can check you cardio strength too.

Another benchmark i usually ask people to try for themselves is as follows. If you can run

  1. 3 km in 30 minutes , you can start with a easy high altitute trek
  2. 4 km in 30 minutes , you can start with a easy-moderate high altitute trek
  3. 5 km in 30 minutes , you can start with a easy Moderate trek

The reason such a standard is kept in place is that everyone in the group will be able to trek in similar pace. Else the lease prepared ones might fall behind and thats not a great thing.


Village Srilanka,

Old Manali, Manali,

Himachal Pradesh, India

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